1. How should I place my order in the website?

Answer: Please follow the steps stipulated here to place your order.

  1. What should I do after I have placed my order?

Answer: We immediately start to process your order after we have received and confirmed it. Therefore, you are advised to check your account, if you have created one, to monitor the progress of your order. You, also, may find notification Emails useful to keep records of the order. Depending on the shipment method you have selected, you may need to wait for delivery of your package after a few days. Whenever you need to communicate with us regarding progress of the order, please quote the order number and transaction ID so we can service your inquiry more efficiently.

  1. What payment methods are accepted by BAFREDO Electronics?

Answer: Currently, we accept four types of payment modes: Bank transfer, Tigo Pesa, M-Pesa, and Pesapal. In the near future, however, we have plan to integrate other payment services, including payments through Credit and Debit cards and PayPal.

  1. What shipping methods BAFREDO Electronics use?

Answer: We offer different shipping methods depending upon your location. In places within Tanzania, local transport (commuters for customers in Dar es Salaam) is our preferred solution to ship the packages. For customers outside Dar es Salaam, the shipment is done through buses, trucks, airplanes, and DHL.

  1. How long should I wait before I receive my package?

Answer: Delivery of your package depends on the shipping method you have selected. Upon confirmation of the customer’s payment, we usually start instantly processing the paid order: customers in Dar es Salaam may receive their packages in the same day, and those outside Dar es Salaam (but within Tanzania) may have their packages delivered between 2-3 days; Outside Tanzania, customers may receive their packages between 4 -7 days.

  1. Does BAFREDO Electronics accept cash payments?

Answer: If you visit our physical store (please see our location in the “CONTACT US” page of our Website, www.bafredo.com), we can accept cash payments. However, our online marketplace accepts payments mentioned in our response to FAQ item 3.

  1. Should I afraid to pay my orders online?

Answer: Not at all! Our Company uses sophisticated technologies to ensure that your payments are safe. As detailed in our Privacy Policy, ALL details you submit to the Website, including sensitive information such as password and credit card number, are highly secured using advanced encryption technologies.

  1. Is registration into our website necessary?

Answer: We usually encourage customers to register into our system and gain numerous advantages. Having an account helps you to manage your orders and transaction details. Additionally, the account gives you records of your previous orders, an advantage that necessitates budgeting and settling of disputes. Nevertheless, you still can browse for our products and services, and purchase them anonymously without registration.

  1. Can I still purchase items in the online store if I don’t have an account?Answer: Yes, you can entirely purchase items anonymously as a guest.