BAFREDO Electronics is the Private Limited Company that was registered and licensed in Tanzania by BRELA (Business Registrations and Licencing Agency) under the Tanzania Companies Act of 2002. The Company, incorporated on 22 September 2015 and given the Registration ID 120435, deals with a range of activities in the fields of Electronics Science and Engineering. We are professional scientists and engineers, and have strong desires to deliver high-quality services and products that meet your demands. Satisfaction of customers is our topmost priority, and we feel pride whenever the Company provides reliable and accurate solutions that can address your challenges. To us, everyone is somebody: we value customers in the very same way that we value our business. Our mission statement is “To grow together with customers exponentially by developing cost-effective, innovative, and creative solutions that simplify and improve human lives.” BAFREDO Electronics believes in the following core values to successfully attain its objectives: satisfaction, trust, friendliness, quality, and excellence. Driven by these important values, we would like to assure you that the Company will exercise to the fullest its power to satisfy your dreams in Electronics Science and Engineering: from idea conception to actualization of that idea into a complete functional product.

This online platform, which forms one component of the Company, contains different Electronic components and gadgets: microcontrollers, development systems, displays, sensors, and integrated circuits, only to mention a few. The Company warmly welcomes you to purchase the products for your (small- and large-scale) projects. To ensure that a variety of customers are reached, all products in the platform are sold at competitive prices. The primary goal of the platform is to provide a convenient online infrastructure that you can apply to achieve your objectives. Our slogan is that “Your growth determines the fate of our future,” and, therefore, we strive at making you grow so that our business succeeds—a win-win situation.

Apart from selling Electronic components, we provide consultancy services in all areas of Electronic circuits design, including simulations, analysis, and implementation of circuits and systems. Focusing on simplicity, the Company largely invests in the millennial group from all levels of (informal and formal) education to ensure that they enjoy Electronics through real-world practical projects. Drawing from our surveys, we observed that if this group receives adequate consultancy in Electronics then it can more intelligently address several domestic and industrial challenges, hence bringing positive technological changes that can significantly impact the society. Furthermore, serving this group of youngsters, who are mostly enthusiastic in cutting-edge technologies, prepare brilliant future scientists that are passionate at improving lives of people and at solving their socio-economic problems.